Experience the Arts & Humanities

Scholarly pursuit in the arts and the humanities is a social enterprise, an active mode of exploring the past and testing out the future. 


Who We Are

The Division of Arts & Humanities is one of the four academic divisions of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Harvard University. Led by Dean Robin Kelsey, the Shirley Carter Burden Professor of Photography and Dean of Arts & Humanities, the Division is made up of fifteen departments, four interdisciplin­ary undergraduate degree programs, and multiple secondary fields. We also oversee a number of Centers and interdisciplinary initiatives. The faculty, staff, and students that make up the Division are dedicated to pursuing and promoting the wonders and values of aesthetic and humanistic learning. We strive to cultivate an inclusive community of curious, intrepid, compassionate, and socially engaged learners.

You can learn more about some of our recent Arts & Humanities graduates on our Alumni Pathways page.

What We Offer

As an undergraduate, you can take courses in our many A&H fields and disciplines, and choose to pursue a concentrations and/or secondary field in our programs. You can learn more about each program through the Gateway Courses page.