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Cultures, Histories,      Ways of Life

To study the humanities is to study what it is to be human. Departments and programs in the Arts & Humanities teach courses that engage with what makes us human.

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Languages and Literatures

The spoken and written word transcend boundaries, engage our imaginations, and open up new depths of inquiry. Studying literatures and cultures means experiencing the humanities in the world.

Paint tubes and brushes

Making, Composing, Performing

The practice of making is integral to a humanist education. Courses that center and celebrate making provide students with creative capacities in a rigorous and groundbreaking way.

Raphael painting of the Art School of Athens

Thought, Structure, Argument

Structure in language and thought reflects the discipline and rigor required of students in the humanities. These courses deal with the profound questions at the center of our humanity.

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Featured Event

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Concentration Declaration Day

Thursday, November 19

Sophomores must declare a concentration by Nov. 19 in my.harvard. Students looking for guidance on how to select a concentration have many resources at hand. You can sign up for an advising conversation with a general Arts & Humanities adviser. You can attend a departmental event or open office hours. You can check out declaration requirements by department at this list. You can consult the information available through the Advising Programs Office. Don't hesitate to reach out for the answers you need!