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Cultures, Histories,      Ways of Life

To study the humanities is to study what it is to be human. Departments and programs in the Arts & Humanities teach courses that engage with what makes us human.

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Languages and Literatures

The spoken and written word transcend boundaries, engage our imaginations, and open up new depths of inquiry. Studying literatures and cultures means experiencing the humanities in the world.

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Making, Composing, Performing

The practice of making is integral to a humanist education. Courses that center and celebrate making provide students with creative capacities in a rigorous and groundbreaking way.

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Thought, Structure, Argument

Structure in language and thought reflects the discipline and rigor required of students in the humanities. These courses deal with the profound questions at the center of our humanity.

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2020 Oct 05

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Last day for students to register for classes. No course may be changed from letter-graded to Pass/Fail or from Pass/Fail to letter-graded status for the fall term after this date.
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Statue of Homer

HUM 10 Shopping Week Info Session

Tuesday, August 18, 10:30-11:45am EDT

First-year students are invited to join this Shopping Week info session to learn more about the year-long humanities gateway course HUMAN 10: A Humanities Colloquium: From Homer to Valeria Luiselli. 2,500 years of essential works, taught by six professors. HUM 10A includes works by Homer, Plato, Sappho, Sophocles, Augustine, Murasaki, Shakespeare, Saikaku, Equiano, Mary Shelley, Dickinson, Walcott, Morrison and Luiselli.

Faculty and teaching staff will be on hand to answer your questions. A Zoom link can be found on the course Canvas site.